Bread and Cakes

Hardough Bread
The Jamaican style hardough bread is similar to sourdough bread. Hard dough bread is used much the same as a Pullman loaf: as a vehicle for spreads such as butter, cheese or jam; for dipping into liquids, a common one being hot chocolate; or to make sandwiches. Hard dough bread is more resistant than Pullman bread to becoming soggy and breaking apart in sandwiches with fried, greasy fillings such as plantain and egg. It is also used to cool the 'heat' when eating Jerk seasoned meat.
Makes a great french toast!
Large Bread
$ 4.85
- White or Wheat
- Sliced or unsliced
Small Bread
$ 3.95
- White or Wheat
- Sliced or unsliced
Coco Bread (4 Pack)
$ 3.30
Coco Bread (1 Pack)
$ 0.83
Ginger Bread
$ 4.95
Spiced Bun
The Jamaican Spiced bun is a sweet bun to which spices (eg cinnamon, nutmeg etc.) are added. Dried fruits (raisins etc.) are also added. The loaf is available in a large or small size. At Easter special larger loaves are produced.
Large Spiced bun
$ 9.25
Small Spiced Bun
$ 6.85
Easter Buns
-available only at easter
Other Cakes
Bulla Cake (2 pk - Ginger bulla)
$ 2.00
Totoe Cake (2 Pk- Coconut bulla)
$ 2.00
Totoe Cake (4 pk -Coconut bulla)
Fruit Cake - 5" loaf
Fruit Cake - 8" loaf
Fruit Cake - price /slice
Ginger Cake

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